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July 2, 2012
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Sam's grave by kittrose Sam's grave by kittrose
Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural.

Commissioned artwork for "The road so far" by :iconwayward-renegade: aka Shugs.

Twenty years down the road, Dean is part of a dying breed; a keen hunter who's lived through it all. But that's now, and it's miles away from that fateful night when a simple hunt with his brother goes horribly wrong. Attacked by a group of hunters out to kill the ones responsible for the looming Apocalypse, surviving the encounter was just the beginning for Dean.

This scene is set at the beginning of chapter 14; Dean, with Castiel, goes to visit the grave marker Castiel made for Sam, who died. This is the place where Dean goes when he needs to think.
Instead of his trenchcoat, Cas wears different clothes.

Tech stuff:

Photoshop CS3-CS5 and Wacom bamboo. Many references pics were used, screencaps and personal resources.

This was the first time I drew the Impala, and it wasn't easy. I wanted to create an evocative effect with the headlights of the car rather than focus on the details.

Characters ęCW
Artwork ękittrose


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It's interesting now that I think about it.... This is the first Supernatural fanart I've ever stumbled upon. And back then, I wasn't even a fan. Now that I am... this is rather a powerful piece. I really like it. And I just wanted to inform you, I never forgot the imprint of this image because no matter what... something about this picture was grasping - perhaps the lighting or the grim looks on their faces... but it's amazing.
kittrose 23 hours ago  Professional General Artist
Oh, thank you so so much. :heart: It's very weird to think that you were introduced to the amazing world of SPN art by one of my pieces! And that it actually had an emotional impact on you even though back time you weren't a fan yet. This means a lot to me. I too came to SPN late. And I remember that, when I wasn't a fan yet and only had watched less than half an episode of spn, I stumbled upon euclase's gallery and I was so amazed by her pieces that I said "ok, I really need to watch this show if it makes people do such brilliant fanart!"

And I did. It's funny but my experience with SPN is heavily influenced by the work of other fanartists, more than any other show. I really think fanartists contributed to the imagery of this show in a way that, perhaps, canon alone couldn't.
Dude, I never knew that. Did you tell me that at some point? That's really awesome. :D
noooooooooo saaaaaaaaaam Waaaah! (it looks great )
kittrose Feb 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
I know! It's sad :iconcry2plz:
Omg, amazing. The look on both of their faces. And the cross, and the Impala.... just amazing.
kittrose Sep 15, 2013  Professional General Artist

Thank you!
every detail is perfect but it hurtsT^T
kittrose Aug 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
CriminalSpirit Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so beautiful, I love the lighting from the headlights and the tones and shading look amazing! I really like the dingy looking sagging cross. Cas and Dean look so perfect, their faces are spot on! Awesome piece, so lovely yet so sad! ^^ 
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